The Sova Family 2012

The story of Paul Adrian (46) and Mirela (44) started 14 years ago when they first met. Mirela was living with Paul’s aunt, paying her rent, and Paul often visited. After a while, a beautiful family was formed and by the time we met them, Paul and Mirela had two children: Alexandru (19) and Sebastian (17). The Sova family moved to live in a rented dorm room. It was about 24 m2, with a communal bathroom and kitchen that they shared with other 25 families. The family had lived in this room since the parents got married. When we met them, Alexandru was in the 7th grade and Sebastian in the 4th grade.
Their mother had been working for a few years and she had a minimum wage, while their father tried to bring home a decent wage working as a constructor.

Although both parents worked, the money was not enough for them to afford a better home. Paul and Mirela were very diligent and they tried to raise their sons to become hardworking men that can take on responsibility. That’s why every time there was something to be repaired around the house or at the neighbour’s house, the father took his two boys and together they fixed anything, so that his sons could learn. This was a good way to keep an eye on them during their free time and spend more time with his sons.
Despite their difficult situation, their house was always tidy and the kids never complained. The family never stopped hoping for a house of their own, in the future, with a little yard where the boys could fix their bikes and where they would have the dog they wished for so much.

“The house in Cristian is a dream coming true. For us this brings great joy, to see a dream come true and to have our own home. Until now we lived in a dorm-room, paying rent. A small place with a common bathroom. Now our children have the chance to enjoy a room of their own! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the volunteers who helped us and we are looking forward to them coming over at our house for a visit!”

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