The Nan Family 2015

Dorin (31 y.o.) and Anca (27 y.o.) are married for 7 years but their story begun 11 years ago when they met on the bus that drove between Brasov and Cristian.

Dorin comes from a numerous family with other 11 siblings, with good parents that tried hard to raise them right and to give them the proper education that would help them in life. Anca comes from a dysfunctional family, with two other siblings. After Dorin and Anca married, they lived for a while in a room provided by Dorin’s parents, in their house. After a while, Dorin’s grandmother, who lived in an annex in the same yard, offered to give them the annex since they were having their first born and needed more privacy. Raul Florian, the baby boy, is now 7 years old.

Dorin renovated the annex as much as possible and bought some furniture that he had to pay in rates. Despite all these investments, the room that initially served as a stable, was very damp and cold, even during summer. Dorin works in constructions and he enrolled in this kind of work since always, being very skilled and hard-working. Anca works at a company in Cristian that produces car parts. She works in three shifts but this is no burden, she being very happy that she can bring her share in the family’s budget.

When we met them, Dorin and Anca had two children, Raul Florian and Miruna Maria, who was just 8 months old. The 16 m
2 room they were living in was used as a bedroom, dining room, and bathroom. The need for a house was an urgency for them. Firstly, they needed a proper bathroom, a bedroom for the children and for themselves, and also peace (the yard they were currently living in was overcrowded with the extended family members). Dorin and Anca told us: “A little house for our own would mean everything, a better future for our children”.

They were very keen to work beside the Vodafone volunteers and this gesture impressed them profoundly: “You don’t find such people everywhere, people that willingly come to work for some strangers. Their gesture is very impressive and noble”.

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