The Stefanuta Family 2015

Daniel (40 y.o.) and Katalina (32 y.o.) are married for 17 years and together they have two children: Dumitru Daniel (14 y.o.) and Marian Vlăduț (10 y.o.). Their story begun 17 years ago when Daniel decided to leave his hometown in Vaslui, and come to Brasov in search for a better future. He met Katalina randomly. She was the daughter of one of Daniel’s working colleagues. The two liked each other and decided to get married.

For almost a year they lived at Katalina’s parents place, in harsh conditions: 13 people sharing one room, with no door, no windows. One day, Katalina’s father, because he was drunk and had a very violent temper, simply kicked them out of the home. A difficult time followed. However, Daniel managed to rent a place in which they lived for the following 8 years. But they had to flee this place, too, when the owners decided to demolish the house.

For the following 4 years they rented a place in a very old building, somewhere on the outskirts of Cristian county. They lived in a 9 m
2 room, with no bathroom, no running water, and only firewood heating. Daniel and Katalina both come from very dysfunctional families, with alcoholic and violent fathers. Katalina has other 9 siblings and most of them grew up in an orphanage in Cristian county. Sadly enough, Daniel and Katalina were evacuated after 4 years of living in that damaged building, and then they were hosted only for a few months at the goodwill of other people in Cristian.

Daniel is a calm and loving man, very hard-working, proof being the 17 years since he has been working for the same company — a tissue producer in Cristian county. Katalina also works for the same company.

Their children were used to hardships and sadly, they were used to be grateful with less. Dumitru Daniel suffers of mental illness so he requires a special treatment at school, but this was never granted, so his social integration became more and more unattainable.

When they found out that they have been selected to be given one social house through the project “Build 4 Tomorrow”, both parents were overwhelmed with emotions and Daniel confessed with tears in his eyes: “We never even dared to dream of having a house of our own, but it seems Someone up there loves us and didn’t forget us”. Katalina also says: “We never thought we would receive a house and especially in these conditions, with all the volunteers who will come to work for us. We want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts and we want them to know we will never forget this moment in our lives and what they will do for us. Thank you, volunteers from Vodafone, the Vodafone Foundation, and Diaconia Association”.

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