The Musteata Family 2012

Florin (41 y.o.) and Liliana (38 y.o.), a couple of hardworking people, with healthy mindsets, used to live in Cristian, county of Brasov. They have been married for more than 12 years and they have 2 children: a daughter, Cristina (17 y.o.) and a son, Adrian (14 y.o.).

18 years ago, after a great moment of joy as they united their destinies, the young newlyweds had to face their first hardship. With no possibility of finding a place to live, they moved in with Florin’s grandfather in a village located 70 km far from Botosani. They worked the fields and took care of the village’s cattle in order to earn their daily living. 7 years passed like this and their life became more and more difficult, as there was no access to medical services, the nearest hospital being in Botosani.

They decided to move back to Cristian. Unfortunately life was not easier there, either. Lacking a better solution, they moved in with Florin’s mother where, by the time we met them, they had been living with their two children in a former stable of 6 m2. In time they managed to increase the area to 12 m2.

With a lot of work and perseverance, they managed to turn the stable — which not long ago used to serve as shelter for animals — into a place that could be called home, at least for them. They furnished the space with everything needed for a decent life, except a washing machine and toilet, as they did not have access to running water. The only utilities they had were electricity and a cooker that functioned by using a gas bottle.

Florin had been working at a construction company for almost 7 years, as a brick layer, while his wife had been working as an unqualified worker for almost 2 years. Their case was pretty delicate as the entire family had to share one room. Moreover, the children reached the age of puberty so the need for more room was urgent. On the other hand, the relationship with their relatives and parents whom they were sharing the courtyard with reached increased tension due to the very limited space they all had.

“We desperately need a home of our own where to live without our relatives. There are not enough words to express our joy and gratitude to all the volunteers who will be helping us build our house. We do appreciate these people and we will try to support them with what we can”, said Florin.

“I can’t say enough to thank the volunteers who helped us build this real home. Until now we lived in a former stable, on a 12 m
2 surface, with no bathroom, nor kitchen. Finally we have our own home and the dignity of living in decent conditions. We still ask ourselves whether what has happened in Cristian is a dream or is real?”

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