The Tieran Family 2015

Dragos is a young man of 37 years old, born in Rasnov. He has other 3 brothers and his parents, especially his father, were always a model of hard-working, responsible, and loving people. He met Mariana 13 years ago. She comes from a larger family and unlike Dragos, she endured more hardships since very often they would worry about what they would have to eat, besides other lacks. This happened because their father was not earning enough to support the family.

After they got married, they lived for about a year with Dragos’s parents, but because of the lack of space, they were forced to move out. They then lived in a church’s annex and they confessed that conditions during winter were very cruel. The room was not isolated and the heat was produced with firewood. They had no bathroom either. They resisted enough and they fought to get out of that place into a more decent lifestyle for their children and themselves, too.

After many worries and searches they found a kind of flat to rent, sharing the yard with a car service. Dragos worked hard to get this place look decent to live in. Finally, they moved in — Dragos, Mariana, and their three children: Sara (8 y.o.), Andrei (6 y.o.), and Emanuel (3 y.o.).

Mariana is a very hard working woman and we could see how well she was taking care of her children and her home. She told us how voluntarily she organized various activities for the children of a poor community near Rasnov. Dragos worked in constructions, especially interior design, talent that was proved by the way he designed the flat they were currently inhabiting. They were restricted from using the yard because it was shared with the car service and also the trunk road was passing right by, making it very dangerous for the children to play.

Dragos is a hard-working and responsible man and he shared with us their dream to have a house of their own. “Our dream is now possible and we were overwhelmed with joy at the news that we will receive a social house built by the Vodafone volunteers. It’s unbelievable that Vodafone’s employees will come and help us, voluntarily, to build our house, and that Romanians are capable of noble gestures, contrary to the general public opinion. We thank all the volunteers, Vodafone Foundation Romania, and Diaconia Ajutor International Association”.

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