The Siraciov Family 2015

Alexandru (35 y.o.) and Loredana (36 y.o.) are together for 12 years and together they have 3 children: Lidia (11 y.o.), Daniel (10 y.o.), Matei (7 y.o.). Alexandru (or Sașa, as friends and family call him) is from Republic of Moldova but he has residence papers in Romania. Loredana is from Codlea and comes from a large family with 5 siblings, but one of them passed away at 13 years old. At that moment, Loredana’s mother suffered a shock and this added to the hardships of sharing the life with her husband, she decided that divorce would be the solution for a peaceful life with her children. However, Loredana’s life did not improve, but on the contrary everything was going from bad to worse. So at the age of 16 she decided to run away and take life in her own hands. In 1999 she came to Brasov and in 2001 she met Alexandru.

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The Nan Family 2015

Dorin (31 y.o.) and Anca (27 y.o.) are married for 7 years but their story begun 11 years ago when they met on the bus that drove between Brasov and Cristian.

Dorin comes from a numerous family with other 11 siblings, with good parents that tried hard to raise them right and to give them the proper education that would help them in life. Anca comes from a dysfunctional family, with two other siblings. After Dorin and Anca married, they lived for a while in a room provided by Dorin’s parents, in their house. After a while, Dorin’s grandmother, who lived in an annex in the same yard, offered to give them the annex since they were having their first born and needed more privacy. Raul Florian, the baby boy, is now 7 years old.

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The Tieran Family 2015

Dragos is a young man of 37 years old, born in Rasnov. He has other 3 brothers and his parents, especially his father, were always a model of hard-working, responsible, and loving people. He met Mariana 13 years ago. She comes from a larger family and unlike Dragos, she endured more hardships since very often they would worry about what they would have to eat, besides other lacks. This happened because their father was not earning enough to support the family.

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The Stefanuta Family 2015

Daniel (40 y.o.) and Katalina (32 y.o.) are married for 17 years and together they have two children: Dumitru Daniel (14 y.o.) and Marian Vlăduț (10 y.o.). Their story begun 17 years ago when Daniel decided to leave his hometown in Vaslui, and come to Brasov in search for a better future. He met Katalina randomly. She was the daughter of one of Daniel’s working colleagues. The two liked each other and decided to get married.

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Article by Vodafone Foundation

“When we saw the hundreds of volunteers on the construction site we could not believe our eyes. They were young people that could go spend their free time differently, but they chose to give themselves away”
5 December 2016

Marius and Manuela Zarioiu have 6 children. We found Judith, 3 years old, sleeping. About Theo, who is 3, her father told us she gets sad when her older brothers take their sandwiches and leave for school. So she also receives a sandwich that she silently enjoys in the kitchen. Rebeca is in her pre-school class and the first thing she shared with us was about moving in the new house that was “fun, meaning that I liked it a lot”. The most she liked was when she got to pick out her room that she would share with Pufi and Bela, her plush toys. Delia (14 yrs), the oldest, studies at a german school, and so do her siblings, Sara (9 yrs) and Alexandru (12 yrs). She wants to become a doctor and her passion is to play the piano.

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Lucian Gog — project manager Diaconia Ajutor Internațional Association 09.11.2012

“The event that took place at Cristian was an exercise of willpower and determination for a noble cause. The rain, the wind, the mud, were just ingredients that turned this event into a truly special experience. We are happy of the partnership between Diaconia and Vodafone Foundation, of the resulted impact, and of the bonds that emerged from this partnership. However, the biggest accomplishment that brings satisfaction to both parties involved, is the fact that 4 families won their dignity and the chance of a new beginning. On behalf of Diaconia Ajutor International Association, and the 4 beneficiary families, I wish to thank the Vodafone Foundation and all the volunteers involved in everything that happened in Cristian.”

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The Sandru Family 2012

Ionut (34 y.o.) and Monica (35 y.o.) know each other for more than 16 years and became a family 15 years ago. They have a son, Eric Ruben, who is 12 years old.

On July 2008, while travelling from Sibiu to Bucharest, their life changed tragically because of a car accident. Ionut was in a total coma for 2 weeks. He underwent many surgeries and he is alive today only by miracle.

His main condition after the accident is spastic tetra-paresis. His wife has to stay with him all the time as he needs assistance 24/7. They are also helped by their parents, but it is very difficult as Ionut cannot move at all, and he cannot sit for too long. Monica is very confident that her husband will recover one day and that he will walk again. This belief gives her strength and hope. She is taking great care of her husband and her love for him did not change. All the things they went through since the accident only strengthened their love.
When we met them, they lived in a simple apartment in Bucharest and the rent was paid by the Association Diaconia Ajutor International. The apartment had all the utilities they needed for a decent life.

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The Musteata Family 2012

Florin (41 y.o.) and Liliana (38 y.o.), a couple of hardworking people, with healthy mindsets, used to live in Cristian, county of Brasov. They have been married for more than 12 years and they have 2 children: a daughter, Cristina (17 y.o.) and a son, Adrian (14 y.o.).

18 years ago, after a great moment of joy as they united their destinies, the young newlyweds had to face their first hardship. With no possibility of finding a place to live, they moved in with Florin’s grandfather in a village located 70 km far from Botosani. They worked the fields and took care of the village’s cattle in order to earn their daily living. 7 years passed like this and their life became more and more difficult, as there was no access to medical services, the nearest hospital being in Botosani.

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The Zarioiu Family 2012

Marius (38 y.o.) and his wife, Manuela (38 y.o.) have been married for 16 years. But their story began more than 21 years ago when they were high school classmates. At the time we met them, they were living in Râșnov, county of Brasov, with their 4 children: Delia Miruna (15 y.o.), Alexandru (13 y.o.), Sara (11 y.o.), and Rebeca (8 y.o.).
Marius is a very hardworking man and was trying to offer a decent lifestyle to his family. He had been working at a wood processing company for 8 years. Skilled and willing to learn as much as possible, he managed to also learn to work as a constructor. While he was at work, Manuela was taking care of the household, raising and educating their 4 children.

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The Sova Family 2012

The story of Paul Adrian (46) and Mirela (44) started 14 years ago when they first met. Mirela was living with Paul’s aunt, paying her rent, and Paul often visited. After a while, a beautiful family was formed and by the time we met them, Paul and Mirela had two children: Alexandru (19) and Sebastian (17). The Sova family moved to live in a rented dorm room. It was about 24 m2, with a communal bathroom and kitchen that they shared with other 25 families. The family had lived in this room since the parents got married. When we met them, Alexandru was in the 7th grade and Sebastian in the 4th grade.
Their mother had been working for a few years and she had a minimum wage, while their father tried to bring home a decent wage working as a constructor.

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