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Sometimes, some families just need a fresh start. What Diaconia does in brasov is that we pick some of the families from the poor community and build them a house, so we can turn it into a home. We build houses since 2012. So far we have 12 happy families with children. This project is such a wonderful experience, with many families restored! It is that kind of transformation we are aiming for, where no trace of poverty is left in their lives, where children live their childhoods undisturbed, where parents work a job, and where the sun shines brighter. Join our forces and build life redeeming houses!

How do we select the families from the poor communities that will receive a home:
— we particularly check out the families with many children
— after social investigations, they enlist the most reliable, trust-worthy families
— we make a final selection out of the families with the most urgent cases
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House for Paduraru Tatiana and Ionel

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Mr. and Mrs. Paduraru are both 41 years old. They live together with their six children in a very overcrowded house of only two hundred and seventy square feet. At nights their three oldest children, Jesica(fifteen), Rebecca (thirteen), and Benjamin (twelve) must go and sleep at their Aunt’s house. Like the Padurarus, many Romanians come from small villages to the bigger cities in search of a better life. Mr. and Mrs. Paduraru are simple people who came to Brasov, Romania in search for a good job and to start a life for themselves. They met at a local church, got married and started a family. Ionel works mostly in small construction jobs earning not more than the average Romanian salary of five hundred dollars a month. Tatiana stays home taking care of the younger children, Ioana (four), Emma (two) and Filip (three months).
For years their dream is to have a house they can all fit in and one they can call their own. Years have passed by and it just seems like they barely have enough money to pay the bills and feed the family, let alone think they can afford their own house. The dream has faded but somehow they still believe.
Tatiana says that her family has never had a meal together at the kitchen table, “the kitchen is just too small for all of us”. The older children have big dreams themselves. The mother remarks, “ My daughter Jessica will be starting high school next year and she wants to study to become a dentist.” Rebecca, who is in the seventh grade, likes Geography and attends a free swimming and aerobics class. Benjamin, who is in the fifth grade, plays basketball at school and has a passion to invent different things. Recently he won an invention contest at his school: he invented a hammer with a magnetic nail support system. Tatiana, together with her husband, try to support their children in achieving their dreams but find themselves hiding their tears because they cannot offer a proper house for them. Many times the older kids go outside to find a place to study or do homework because of the lack of space and quietness inside.
The Padurarus dream of a house with a little yard where their children can feel safe to play and relax. Their fear is that their children will be hindered in achieving their goals to their full potential without a proper environment. With your help, we would like to buy the Paduraru family a little house on the outskirts of Brasov where they presently work and go to school. An affordable property would cost between $30,000-$35,000 dollars. Every donation is important and will be utilized for the Padurarus having their dream house one day. Thank you!
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Alexandru (35 y.o.) and Loredana (36 y.o.) are together for 12 years and together they have 3 children: Lidia (11 y.o.), Daniel (10 y.o.), Matei (7 y.o.). Alexandru (or Sașa, as friends and family call him) is from Republic of Moldova but he has residence papers in Romania. Loredana is from Codlea and comes from a large family with 5 siblings, but one of them passed away at 13 years old. At that moment, Loredana's mother suffered a shock and this added to the hardships of sharing the life with her husband, she decided that divorce would be the solution for a peaceful life with her children. However, Loredana's life did not improve, but on the contrary everything was going from bad to worse. So at the….

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Marius (38 y.o.) and his wife, Manuela (38 y.o.) have been married for 16 years. But their story began more than 21 years ago when they were high school classmates. At the time we met them, they were living in Râșnov, county of Brasov, with their 4 children: Delia Miruna (15 y.o.), Alexandru (13 y.o.), Sara (11 y.o.), and Rebeca (8 y.o.).
Marius is a very hardworking man and was trying to offer a decent lifestyle to his family. He had been working at a wood processing company for 8 years. Skilled and willing to learn as much as possible, he managed to also learn to work as a constructor. While he was at work, Manuela was taking care of the household, raising and educating their 4 children. …

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Ionut (34 y.o.) and Monica (35 y.o.) know each other for more than 16 years and became a family 15 years ago. They have a son, Eric Ruben, who is 12 years old.

On July 2008, while travelling from Sibiu to Bucharest, their life changed tragically because of a car accident. Ionut was in a total coma for 2 weeks. He underwent many surgeries and he is alive today only by miracle.

His main condition after the accident is spastic tetra-paresis. His wife has to stay with him all the time as he needs assistance 24/7. They are also helped by their parents, but it is very difficult as Ionut cannot move at all, and he cannot sit for too long. Monica is very confident that her husband …

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