Eulogy for Mother


I know my mother loves me. I mostly like how every evening before sleep she comes and wraps me like a pancake and kisses my forehead. And do you know what she does to wake me up in the mornings? She tickles me! It's the best to wake up laughing. The tap water is too cold in the morning, so Mom always warms some water in a pot on the stove before I get up. After I wash my face and brush my teeth, my mother braids my hair. Then every time right when I’m about to leave for school she takes me in her arms and hugs me tight. I'm still trying to make her understand that I've grown up now and I can manage to take care of myself. I think she’s most afraid that something bad might happen to me on my way to school. But I told her that I always hurry when I pass by the creepy people. School is fine. I don’t really like my classmates because they are a little rude. But the Romanian literature teacher tells me that I write nicely and I like her class. One day I want to be like my teacher. But my mother says that first I have to study well in school. At Diaconia I learn the most. Every day after school I come to the Youth Center at Diaconia and I’m in the Dwarfs Group. The teacher from Diaconia helps us to do all our homework and gives us food as well. And we can eat as much as we want. We can also go out in the courtyard and play, but only after we finish our homework. My best friend also comes at the Youth Center and we're in the same group. In Diaconia I'm not afraid of anyone and I love the teacher. I'd stay here all the time if I could and I would also bring my mother. My mom says I have to do good at school and at Diaconia, because she says that only so I can be like the teacher when I'm big. My mother told me she never went to school. So every day after I come home from Diaconia, I tell her everything I learned that day. She is very happy and always tells me never to give up because one day I will be able to have my house, beautiful clothes, and food as much as I desire. Mommy smiles all the time when she says that. But I know she's sad because she could not go to school when she was a little girl. I once heard my grandmother say that my mother had to work since the age of 10 and that she was "a happy case”. My mother never tells me what she worked when she was young, but I know she did not like it. My mom loves me a lot, even if I upset her sometimes. My mother brought me to Diaconia to help me grow big, as any kid is supposed to.

I love my mother.
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