Ionuț was going through a hard time at school, with his colleagues bullying him because he had strabismus and because he was poor. His parents could not even afford the cost of a consultation, let alone that of a surgery, so they turned to Diaconia for help. We took Ionuț to an ophthalmologist and bought him proper glasses. Over six months he will have another medical check, and then the doctor will decide if surgery will be needed. In the meantime, Ionuț advanced in school and for him and his family this is a breakthrough, especially since his parents are both illiterate. Ionuț's family wants to thank everyone who donated for him. Ionuţ is happy because he goes to school with glasses that allow him to see better and his colleagues are not teasing him anymore.


Alina is a single mother with 3 children. Life was never easy for her and poverty seemed like an incurable illness that followed her everywhere. She left her abusive husband and since then it has become even harder to provide for her family. Since her small income was not enough, we stepped in to help. In the last few months we managed to help the mother with food, diapers, a stove, and a washing machine. Meeting these basic needs allowed Alina to take better care of her children and to worry less. Taking this burden off her shoulders helped her to refocus her strengths and to establish a better plan for her and her children’s future.

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As a prelude to a bigger project, the visit of a paediatrician in one of Diaconia’s Youth Center classes has excited our small children with big dreams. We wanted to teach a different kind of lesson to our clever kids in Diaconia and test whether such a learning method could be developed in a long-term project.

Ioana, a paediatrician, came to get acquainted with one of the classes in Diaconia. She presented the heart’s anatomy in such a way that children could easily enjoy the lesson. They were very excited to hear the heartbeats through the stethoscope and from one thing to another it turned out to be a very catchy semi-biology lesson. For a kid theory can be a real nuisance, but when someone takes the time to present it in an interactive and curious way, any theory can become interesting. This was how Ioana the paediatrician, turned what could be a boring lesson about the role of the heart, in the most interesting approach to the importance of this organ.

The paediatrician was also accompanied by students of the University of Medicine in Brasov, so the team of “people in white robes” (as the kids called them) not only impressed through science, but they were a model of how conscientiousness and perseverance can take someone far in any career they desired. The children from Diaconia did not only learn about the human anatomy, the function of the heart, but they have also learnt that anything is possible if they study well at school and persevere.

This wonderful experience is planned to develop into an inventive way to address the children's education in Diaconia. It could even bring out future doctors.

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