Sofia Natasa Bianca

Birthday 20.04.2017
  • Sofia Natasa Bianca

Sofia (April 20th, 2017) is one year old and she has two sisters. The family is struggling financially mostly due to the lack of education of her parents. There are many Romanians who grew up outside the big cities on little poverty stricken farms. Survival didn’t include going to school, and now that people have grown up, many of them realize they can’t get a good paying job and they are stuck. Sofia’s father is a hard worker in mostly short term low paying construction jobs. Her mother stays home with the kids but her lack of education would prevent her from getting a good job in the future. Sofia is in great need. She needs healthy food for normal development, but her living conditions also must change. The only constant income of the family is the children’s financial aid from the state, adding up to less than one hundred dollars a month. What the father earns depends on the periods when he does find work. A constant support for Sofia’s family will be more than welcome, and will provide for some of the basic needs for Sofia at her young age.

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