Eva Maria

Birthday 14.04.2017
  • Eva Maria
  • Eva Maria

Eva (April 14th, 2017) is one year old, and so far she is the only child in her family. Her mother is only seventeen and together with Eva’s father they live in a poverty stricken area outside the city limits. They have no running water, nor heat. A neighbor who lives next door lets them run a wire through the window to borrow electricity. A wood burning stove is their only means for warmth and cooking. Eva’s parents know they are in a bad situation and that they were too young to start a family but that is how they themselves grew up. They are happy that they have Eva but reality has hit them hard. it’s not easy but they have hope for Eva, that somehow from somewhere their child will be sponsored. Eva’s father is a hard worker but good jobs are hard to come by. For Eva, any help would be of great value for the beginning of her journey.

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