Isaura Roxana

Birthday 02.11.2012
  • Isaura Roxana

Isaura (February 11th, 2012) is six years old and is going to kindergarten. Isaura is the second child with an older sister of seven, a younger brother of four and an even younger sister of three. Her father has just returned from prison and has not yet found a job. Isaura’s mother has great hope that her children will receive a decent education and break the cycle of poverty that has stricken their family for generations. They live in very poor conditions, and at the moment they can’t even afford where they live and will soon need to move. The family’s main income is the children’s financial help from the state, not meeting their present needs. With your help we want to support Isaura and the whole family with clothes and food packages on a monthly basis. Please consider helping Isaura and her family by sponsoring her.

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