Marian Aurel

Birthday 13.03.2012
  • Marian Aurel

Marian (March 13th, 2012) is six years old and presently he goes to kindergarten. He lives with his family of six. His father divorced and remarried his now stepmother who had two children of her own. After that his parents had one more little girl who is one year old now. His stepmother loves him and tries her best to take care of him as her child. The father is gone most of the year doing odd jobs in different Romanian cities. He doesn’t earn much but he tries to sustain his family with its many needs. Their house is old and needing many repairs. Electricity is expensive and only used in harsh conditions for heat. His mother stays home to take care of the little ones. The only stable income until now has been the children’s monthly allowances from the state. Unfortunately the money does not provide enough for food and other vital needs. Any help for Marian’s family is more than welcome and gives hope for their future.

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