Stefania Larisa

Birthday 15.04.2013
  • Stefania Larisa

Stefania (April 15th 2013) is five years old, and she and her three brothers, Sergiu (twelve), Darius (three) and David (six months) live together with their parents. They rent an old house without utilities, running water, gas or even a toilet! They are presently in this house with another three families. Can you imagine that this six member family is living, eating and sleeping in one room? Stefania is the only girl in her family but she is so helpful to her mother each day with her chores, even at five years old! She does not go to kindergarten yet, but her parents hope she and her brothers will receive a proper education for a better future. Her mother cannot work because she must care for her young kids. Stefania’s father has major back problems so he cannot work, and to make matters worse he never received an education. For Stefania and her family, any help received will give them a chance to break out from the cycle of poverty they find themselves in.

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