Florin Alexandru

Birthday 10/21/2008
  • Florin Alexandru

Alexander (October 21st, 2008) is ten years old and he is only in the second grade. He lives in a very small, run down house together with his parents and three siblings. Each day his mother takes care of her four children. The youngest is five years old, and she’s very sick and needs a lot of extra care. Their only income is a tiny help from the government which sums up to about a hundred dollars a month. His father who recently got released from prison, works very hard and takes advantage of any job that comes along, but his past greatly hinders him from getting better paying jobs. Last year we helped the family with clothes, shoes, and food in the hope that the children wouldn’t feel the desperate situation they are in. Alexander wants so badly to have a proper education. He and his family are hoping for extra help so that when he grows up, he will get a good job and help his family.

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