Darius Marian

Birthday 03/04/2012
  • Darius Marian

Darius (March 4th 2012) is six years old and he will be starting school this autumn. He lives in a very small run down home together with his parents and three siblings. The mother cannot work because there is no one to take care of her four children. His youngest sister is very sick and needs special attention at home. Their only stable income comes from financial aid that the state provides each month amounting to only one hundred dollars. Darius’ father is a very hard worker but because of his past in prison, jobs and pay are limited. Last year we helped the family with clothes, shoes and food in the hope that the children would feel some relief from the desperate situation they are in. For Darius, sponsorship would mean hope for a better life and future. Having a sponsor means being able to get a long-term education, the only real solution in breaking the cycle of poverty.

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