Dragos Octavian

Birthday 09/27/2009
  • Dragos Octavian

Dragos (September 27th, 2009) is nine years old and he has seven brothers and sisters. They live in a run down home with 2 rooms, no utilities, running water, gas, kitchen, bathroom, or toilet. Both parents are illiterate and therefore they have no opportunity to get a permanant job. The father finds it hard to get stable work and the mother must stay home with the children. The only consistent income is financial aid from the state amounting to about two hundred dollars per month. The mother is dedicated to the children and she works hard to distribute the small income so that all the children have food . Dragos and his family are in great need right now. His future and chances to break out of the poverty cycle are dependent on outside help. Please consider sponsoring Dragos.

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