Natalia Sorina Maria

Birthday 04/04/2014
  • Natalia Sorina Maria
  • Natalia Sorina Maria

Natalia (April 4th, 2014) is four years old and she has two sisters. The family is struggling with poverty in their very small room and with a very short amount of income each month. The father works in constructions, but with no legal forms because he is illiterate and have no education. Her mother left school when she was 17 and moved with this man and she lives with him until now, but they are not married. On the birth certificates of all 3 girls the father is not mentioned. Her mother has to stay hope and take care of the 3 small children. Natalia didn’t go to any kindergarten or school but her mother wants to give her a proper education. The only constant income of the family is the child’s allowances from the state. What the father earns depends on the periods when he finds something to work. A constant support for Natalia’s family will be more than welcome, and will provide some of the basic resource that Natalia needs at this age.

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